Primomo is a crayon manufacturing company based in Japan. The Company specializes in the production of fragranced and non-toxic crayons in the shapes of rings, eggs, stars and flowers, making them ideal first crayons for children. The 'egg' shaped crayons each come in two separate colourful pieces that are easy to hold, even for little ones' hands. With an appealing scent and made of non-toxic materials, these crayons are safe for children to hold and even put into their mouths! Adult supervision is recommended to make sure children do not try to swallow these eggs.

Primomo Crayons are easy to wash off with a wet tissue or wet cloth soaked in soap water. So moms need not worry when their little ones get overly artistic with scribbles on the tables or the walls. The crayons are aromatic, are easy to grip, do not produce crayon crumbs, and are easy to clean. 

The crayons are primarily made of Polyethylene Carbonate, Liquid Paraffin and Solid Paraffin and have passed the tests in accordance with toy safety standards. Primomo Crayons have passed chemical testing for eight heavy metals usually found in writing materials and colour dissolution testing under Japan’s Toy Safety Standards (ST). Primomo Non-Toxic Crayons are manufactured entirely in Japan.