Blending Marker Kit with Decorative Case, 16ct

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Crayola signature blending markers provide great creative versatility in coloring and art projects. Sketch, draw, add texture, and blend colors for unique outcomes. A great technique for taking your adult coloring to the next level! Includes 14 markers in brilliant colors (7 colors in light and dark variations), 2 colorless blending markers and a decorative storage tin.-> how to blending techniques

Beginner blending 
1. Pick 2 Similar colors.

2. Color back and forth with the darker color to create a few consecutive lines.

3. Below your first set of lines, color back and forth with the lighter color, overlapping 2 or 3 lines with the first color.

4. Switch Back and forth between the two colors about three times for full effect.

  • Blending markers & decorative tin: features 14 vibrant color markers, 2 colorless markers for blending, and a marker storage case.
  • Colorless blending markers: The secret to blending colors with ease are the 2 colorless markers included. Check out our Pro tip section to learn more.
  • Organized storage: The decorative storage case keeps supplies organized for travel and everyday easy access.
  • Safe & nontoxic: gifts for kids and adults, ages 9 & up
  • A colorful gift: the beautiful case with unique blending tools inside, make this a great gift for moms, crafters, and everyday creatives.