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The Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer provides a stimulating and engaging environment for your baby, one where all the wonders of the rainforest are within grasp. While a toucan flies overhead just within reach, a tree frog and monkey hide next to a sparkling waterfall. Baby bats activate the lights on the waterfall, while rainforest sounds and songs can be heard for a soothing atmosphere. Continuous play can be activated so your baby will stay entertained and engaged, while bouncer vibrations comfort your baby for a relaxing setting once he or she is finished playing. The removable toy bar makes this a versatile bouncer, providing a comfy seat while making it easy to pick up your baby.

Maximum weight: 25 lbs.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer features a new rainforest themed fashion and toy bar with a see-thru 'waterfall' as the centerpiece created by lights and clear spinning helixes that create the effect of a waterfall. 2 colorful character friends up top, a monkey and a toucan, keep baby visually stimulated while 2 hanging toys provide lots of activity with spinners and flutters that have lots of bright colors and textures. The toy bar easily removes for getting baby in & out. Two great modes of play include: 1. mom activated - with 6 longer, continous playing songs and 2. baby activated - with 6 shorter songs plus 3 SFX that reward baby for active play with the toys. Also includes mom activated calming vibrations and volume control. 3 point restraint keeps baby safely seated and the pad is sacked out to fully support baby's head, neck and shoulders. Use from birth until the child is able to sit upright unassisted


Removable toy bar
The toy bar provides an engaging view for baby and stimulates senses. Sparkling waterfall effects stimulate your baby's visual sense, while rainforest sounds and songs provide auditory stimulation. The bar is removable, making it easy to pick up your baby.
Rainforest sound effects and songs
Rainforest sound effects and songs stimulate the auditory sense of your baby. The effects provide a soothing atmosphere that calms your baby and offers a sense of security. Vibrations and a gentle bouncing motion further soothe your child.
Motor skill development
Hanging toys promote motor development by providing something for your baby to reach for and grab. The colorful rainforest animals advance your baby's hand-eye coordination.
Colorful design
The colorful and engaging design of the bouncer itself provides a stimulating environment for your little one. Rainforest animals are themed to match the animals on the toy bar.