KRE-O Transformers Beast Hunters Beast Blade Optimus Prime

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Build your own TRANSFORMERS adventures with this awesome KRE-O Construction set! With the 251 bricks and other construction pieces in this set, you can build an OPTIMUS PRIME robot and send him into the fray with his blade in hand! Your OPTIMUS PRIME and ENERGON KICKER KREON figures are ready to fight at his side. When the battle is on the line and OPTIMUS PRIME has a need for speed, rebuild him as a truck and put your KREON figures inside for a wild ride! Keep building and rebuilding for epic TRANSFORMERS action!
2-in-1 BEAST BLADE OPTIMUS PRIME construction set! Build an OPTIMUS PRIME robot or vehicle! Includes 2 KREON figures. OPTIMUS PRIME and ENERGON KICKER KREON figures! 251 bricks and pieces. Works with major construction brands.
Includes 251 bricks and pieces, 2 KREON figures and instructions.
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