Marker Airbrush

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The Crayola Marker Airbrush Set inspires young imaginations to create works of spray art using markers as the ink. Designed for kids ages six and older, the set features new and improved spray. It includes eight markers for paper, four markers for fabric, and a kid-powered airbrush machine to spray the marker ink. This fun, versatile set can be expanded with Crayola Window Markers (sold separately), which allow kids to decorate glass. The set includes four stencil sheets so kids can spray precise lines and detailed designs.


What's in the Box

Marker airbrush unit, 4 Bright Fabric Markers, 8 Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, 20 sheets of paper, 4 stencils, and instructions.

Product Features:
  • Create spray art using markers
  • Includes eight markers for paper and four for fabric
  • Hand-powered, no batteries required
  • Includes stencils for cool themed designs
  • For kids six years and older
Versatile Set for Additional Artwork

Use the Marker Airbrush with any broad-line Crayola Marker including Classic, Ultra-Clean Washable, Pip-Squeaks, Crystal Effects Window, Window, and Bright Fabric markers. Crayola Crystal Effects and Windows Markers (sold separately) can be used to spray cool decorations on glass.