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Time for Maths

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Help your child establish a strong foundation in math through this interactive multimedia program!

Key benefits of Time for Math:

  • Establishes a strong foundation in math, one of the most useful skills for success in most professions
  • Covers all the seven essentials of math: numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurement
  • Provides a variety of learning opportunities through books, songs, activities and games
  • Develops an appreciation for music while making math learning fun
  • Sharpens listening skills; helps with correct pronunciation
  • Introduces useful vocabulary; provides an opportunity for language learning
  • Encourages quality time with children; strengthens parent-child bonding

 It consists of:

  • 6 full-color, talking, course books that make math concepts easy to understand for children
  • Eltee Pen**, the audio learning device, plays 24 math songs, vocabulary and other sounds to make learning fun and more effective
  • 6 CD-ROMs with 60 math games, graded by level of difficulty, challenge children and reinforce the understanding of math through play and practice
  • 6 softcover, colorful activity books help learning by doing, and by repetition
  • The 24 math songs are also presented in an audio CD and a song book complete with lyrics to help children learn, sing and play the math songs
  • Two board games, complete with dice and accessories, encourage family bonding while learning and practicing math
  • 52 pair cards present additional opportunity for practicing mental math
  • A User Guide to explain all the components and how to make the best use of the program

**The Eltee Pen comes with Time to Learn and works with Time for Math too!