Singer with Stage

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with three different light effects (requires 3 x AAA batteries). Singer with dresses to change. Stage can be combined 6978 cruise liner.

- Light module is integrated into the stage's base plate. Battery compartment is underneath. When pressing the button, the stage is lit by five coloured LED's.
- Three different light effects to choose from: 1. Colour LED's flicker in different colour combinations• Auto Power Off: 90 secs2. Colour LED's generate a colourful chaser light which changes clockwise • Auto Power Off: 90 secs3. White LED's create a chaser light which changes in a clockwise direction • Auto Power Off: 90 secs4. Light module turns off. 
- A backdrop gets clipped into the stage's rear panel and can be exchanged with a child's self framed paper wall. 
- Singer can change clothes and perform in different outfits. 



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