Hairtastic Color And Wash Salon Playset

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Any little girl loves her Mattel Barbie doll. She can spend hours dressing her doll, playing with its tea set, kitchen set and the beautiful house. She is constantly on the lookout on to how to update her collection of Barbie’s accessories. There is something new added to the Barbie Doll collection almost every day.

Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon Playset

The latest addition to the Barbie collection is the Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Playset. It comes with a doll, the salon station including a swivel chair and mirror, a smock, a towel, hair ties and three colour pens for streaking. Barbie’s hair can be washed with real foaming shampoo and water. The three pens are pink, purple and blue and can be used to highlight the doll’s hair.

The Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash salon can becomes any little girl’s beauty parlour at home. She can spend many hours colouring her doll’s hair, streaking and styling it and then shampooing it just like it is done at a salon. Hairstyling is a trend amongst young and old and the lucky little girl who owns the Barbie Hair and Wash Salon can start practicing the art of hair styling from a very young age. At the turn and push of a knob, the real water and foam shampoo spray will make her imaginary game all the more real. The container for dirty water comes out all the way making it easy to clean the Barbie Hair Salon.

The Barbie Hairtastic Colour and Wash Salon Playset is a great addition to a girl’s Barbie collection and will give her many hours of colouring and washing fun. It is an ideal gift for girls between 5 and 9 years of age.

Key Features
  • Latest addition to Barbie collection
  • Includes a doll, a salon station with mirror and swivel chair, towel, smock, brush, two elastic hair ties
  • Colour can be washed with water and real foaming shampoo
  • Recommended for children between five and nine years of age
  • Three highlighting pens in blue, purple and pink included for hair streaking.


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    Posted by Syed Jawad Bokhari on 12th Nov 2021

    I recently bought this playset as a gift for my niece, we have not opened the toy as yet but this seems like a neat playset, one can actually wash and shampoo the doll's hair with real water and real shampoo mixture that come out of the two shower heads that are part of this playset, the middle tank behind the sink stand is where the drained water collects, good stuff, a really fun toy, thank you I Know My Toys, will order again.