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Want a treat without the sweet This Cupcake Tower set lets you create a beautiful stack of delicious-looking Play-Doh cupcakes You can make one cupcake after another with the mold and then arrange your creations on the tower. Then use the towers extruder and your 2 colors of Play-Doh Plus compound to frost them Make Play-Doh bows teddy bears and other decorations with the towers molds for the finishing touches. Youll be a cupcake baker extraordinaire with the Cupcake Tower set Set includes base dish middle dish top dish 3 supports extruder plunger turntable 2-piece cupcake mold 2 plates server fork knife 3 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound and 2 cans of Play-Doh Plus compound. Create a huge stack of Play-Doh treats with the Cupcake. Tower set Press Play-Doh cupcakes with the mold and arrange them on the 3-level tower. You can make decorations with the molds on the towers dishes. 3 colors of Play-Doh modeling compound. Make frosting with the 2 colors of Play-Doh Plus compoundFeatures. Ages 3 and up. Contains wheat. Nontoxic.. Item Weight - 1.2 lbs.