Disney Princess Pop-up Magic Castle Game

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Join your favorite Disney Princess characters on a magical journey in this Pop-Up Magic Castle game. The gameboard has a beautiful castle that unfolds as a 3-D structure, making it easy to imagine a whole world of Disney adventures. You never know what magic will happen along your path to the amazing magic castle.
Just Imagine:
You never know what adventures you will create as you join beautiful Disney Princess characters on their journey to the castle. As you move along the path will you follow Aurora, who was born into royalty and awakened by her true love's kiss? Maybe you will follow the brave and imaginative Ariel, who once lived in the sea. Perhaps you will travel with intelligent and unique Belle, or Snow White who sees the good in everybody. Any character you follow will lead you along an enchanted journey.
Copyright 2014 Disney.
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Add to the Game:
You can add to this Pop-Up Magic Castle game for even more adventures! Connect the gameboard on this game to other Pop-Up Magic games (other games sold separately) for a longer path to the castle. It's a fun way to create even more magical adventures for your Disney Princess characters. Special Friend tokens can help you move faster down the path. Keep moving ahead until you land on the enchanted Finish stone at the castle to win.
A Magical Journey to the Castle:
It's an unpredictable journey along the path to the castle. Look out for the "Villain" spaces that'll send you back. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to land on a "Gem" space that will let you reveal your princess' Friend Token. It's always a new adventure as you try to be first player to reach the magnificent castle.
Includes gameboard, 4 Disney Princess characters, spinner, 12 Friend Tokens, and instructions.
© 2014 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
- Join your favorite Disney Princesses
- 3-D Castle
- Challenges along the way
- Connect with other gameboards
- Friend tokens

• For 2-4 Players.