WWE® Super Strikers™ Figure Assortment

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Unleash twice the over-the-top action and double the takedowns with the Roman Reigns™ Super Strikers™ Dual Force™ figure. Re-create the mayhem of your favorite matches with not just one, but two times the action! Squeeze the legs to unlock moves and unleash an all-out assault. Crush your opponent with a double uppercut! Each figure in the Super Strikers™ Dual Force™ assortment delivers an awesome takedown move. Collect them all for epic battles and extreme showdowns. Each figure sold separately, subject to availability.


WWE® Super Strikers™, realistic 6- figures, can perform real WWE® Superstar signature actions! Super Strikers™ and their signature moves include: John Cena® and his Attitude Adjustment, the Undertaker® and his Slam, and The Rock® and his Bulldozer Strike.


Please check availability of a particular figure before placing your order.