Transformers Construct-Bots Bumblebee Vs Stinger

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  • Relive the excitement from "Transformers: Age of Extinction" with the 63-piece Transformers Construct-Bots Bumblebee vs. Stinger construction set. Unlike your typical building set, you won't be building a dwelling or a vehicle with this Construct Bots set but rather a Transformer: Dinobot Strafe. Strafe is a flying pteranodon Dinobot. He has both two heads and two tails. After construction is complete, this two-headed dinosaur can fully transform from robot to dinosaur without removing any pieces. He stands tall as a robot or crouches low as a flying dinosaur. Eleven steps are all that it takes to flip Strafe from one mode to the other. With the spin of a gear on his back, kids can also make Strafe's wings flap. Also included in this set are an Autobot action figure and a Decepticon action figure. Like Strafe, both toys fully transform in and out of vehicle mode. When Stinger is in vehicle mode, players can see the damage that he bears from battles with his nemesis. The figures are Dinobot Riders, so they fit on Strafe for a ride. Strafe is also compatible with any other Dinobot Rider toys in the Construct-Bots line. Likewise, the small robots in this multipack can also hitch a ride aboard another Dinobot toy. This exclusive multipack features versions of the character not found elsewhere. The orange and blue incarnation of Strafe is available only in this set. Stinger is particularly exclusive as this character cannot be purchased separately. The figures in this boxed set are essential for any complete collection of these Hasbro building toys. All three figures in this set also include their signature weapons. The Age of Extinction Stinger and Strafe figures both have their swords while the yellow and black Autobot has a laser cannon. With the figures' transforming action and true-to-the-movie weapons, kids will make a game of playing out "Transformers: Age of Extinction" scenes with these figures. Construct-Bots from Hasbro feature a plastic modular skeleton to which builders can attach parts and accessories. They operate with ratcheting clips, ball joints, and peg and socket connectors and can be transformed with minimal disassembly. The pieces from the multipack are compatible with those from other Construct-Bot sets. Instead of following the included directions, kids have the option to rearrange and combine the various pieces to create designs of their own making. For ease of assembly, the pieces for each vehicle arrive in separate sealed bags and plastic trays. A colorful parts lists and instruction booklet guides kids through the assembly process for the action figures. These Transformers construction toys from Hasbro are appropriate for kids aged 6 and up. The action figure sets will provide your children with hours of fun. Kids can build the sets, play action games with the characters, and take apart the vehicles to rebuild them again and again. Pick up the Hasbro Transformers Construct-Bots Bumblebee Vs Stinger set today, and get started creating your own Transformers adventure.