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Now you can rule the ring with one of your favorite Decepticon Transformers characters. Get ready for some Transformers bot battling action with this head-popping game. Challenge a friend to a battle and see who can strike, punch and dodge their way to a win. Includes a QR code that lets you unlock additional characters in the free Transformers Battle Masters App.

Bring on "The Prince of Punishment"! This Barricade battling robot is geared up and ready for the ultimate steel-crushing, head-bashing showdown! Get ready to rule the ring like never before as this Decepticon relishes the chance to show the Autobots who's boss. Choose to duke it out with or without the battle grip controller as you go head to head with your friends. It won't be long before you find out who's tough enough to be called champion! The character comes with a QR code that unlocks the ability to add that character to your arsenal in the Transformers Battle Masters App.

Includes: 1 Figure, 1 controller and instructions.

Join friends to bring the fight to the ring.
Features popular Transformers character
Play with or without controller
Includes code to unlock App content from Transformers Battle Masters App.
Barricade Figure
Mashing, bashing fun

Ages 5 and up
Figure does not convert.

The packaging is little damaged.